Upcycled homeware by Julia
When we choose to cherish what we have, the sky is the limit…

What can you find on the skyline of Rotterdots? There is the SS Rotterdam, the Euromast, Rotterdam Centraal Station, Kubuswoningen , a bicycle for experiencing the skyline the best way and a building crane, because this skyline is never finished. I loved making this design, translating all different shapes to dots. It is surprisingly simple sometimes, but not always. A personal favourite: the cube houses. They are officially called ‘het blaakse bos’ (the blaak forest) and the resemblance is there.

The Rotterdots are here to treasure what we have, and what better way to celebrate than to print them on high quality porcelain to last you a lifetime.

Handpainted design on ‘leftover’ porcelain.
Dishwasher proof

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Toont alle 9 resultaten