Workshops dotart

Unfortunately due to corona no workshops are planned in the near future. Online workshops are in the making, and as soon as possible you will fin new offline workshops in the webshop.

How about a workshop DotsDesign?

In about 2,5 hours you can learn to create your own unique designs by painting dots on porcelain. Enjoy it with friends, family or colleagues:

  • Surprise your friends and family or treat yourself to one of the workshops of DotsDesign.
  • Do you already have a set of colleagues, friends or family that you would like to organise a workshop for? Contact me for available dates and locations.

A workshop includes:

  • All the materials you need to get you started on your own designs: porcelain, paint and dotting materials.
  • Drinks and snacks: a workshop organised by DotsDesign has drinks and snacks included. (During other occasions it can be with or without catering.)
  • Extra: you can buy extra paint, porcelain and DIY packets to take home. Show your designs by using #dotsdesign on social media.

Workshop rates start from € 32,50 per person. Contact me for a quotation! Groups of 20-25 persons at special rates. 

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