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Dot along with DotsDesign on Endless Blossom. Here is a free preview, the full pattern will be available soon.

Endless blossom, that would be fantastic…this pattern was developed with those long, light days in mind. Filled with flowers and fragrance. So if you have a dark and gloomy day, you can still have a blooming good plate.

Preview Online Patroon Endless Blossom

You can make the pattern by following the steps online (on computer or with your smartphone). This pattern is not suitable for printing on paper. If you prefer a paper version, you can choose it in the webshop (it will also be available soon).

This online pattern is suitable for anyone with some dotting experience. An online course in dotting is in development.

How does this digital pattern work?

  1. Buy the pattern in the webshop (this preview is free but requires registration via the webshop)
  2. After the sale is completed you will receive an e-mail with confirmation. You can also find the link to the Online Dashboard with all the bought courses there. Log in with the e-mail adress that you bought the course with.
  3. Click on the module and follow the steps below. After registration you have 30 days to complete the preview, and then your data will be erased from the online dashboard.

Have dots of fun! If you have any questions or remarks, let me know via

You can find a list of the necessary materials for this pattern here. Check the webshop for a full dotting pack with all materials and more. 

  • Plate 31-33 cm (example: serving plate ‘Intermezzo’ 33 cm). The shape at the center is about ∅ 24 cm, the edge ∅ 5 cm.  With a smaller plate you can skip some steps.
  • 6 colours (suggestion below)
    • 3 main colours (example: warm yellow, fuchsia, vivid green)
    • two shades lighter dan the second and third main colour (50% white, 50% colour)
    • white (opaque)
  • dotting templates: stipstickers
  • dotting pens: ∅ 10,9,8,6,5,4,3, 2.5, 2, 1.5, 1, 0.5 mm (example: dotting pens from stipstijl)
  • palette

Extra materials / alternatives

  • Mixing pots for mixed shades
  • microfibre cloth to wipe dotting pens
  • cotton buds (make moist) to erase dots
  • small spatula
  • measuring tape to determine the centre