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There is nothing like it, a plate full of cherries. With this dotting pattern you can have them all year round. This original design by Julia proved very popular and is now available for you to make. So, clean out your kitchen cabinets, and get to work on your plates, jugs and bowls for a juicy pair of cherries from DotsDesign.

cherries all around…

  • Level: starter
  • Time: 20-30 minutes (excluding drying time)
  • Materials needed:
    • small porcelain plates or bowls (start on a plate if you are a beginner) - check the contents of your kitchen cabinets for a good upcycle project...
    • dotting pens ∅ 1, 2 3 and 5 mm
    • 4 colours porcelain paint: cherry red (luckily cherries can have any kind of red colour), dark green, light green and a small amount of white

After purchasing you have 14 days to complete the course. 

See the webshop for dotting packs and other materials. 

This pattern was made specifically to paint on porcelain. However it might be possible to paint on other objects with acrylic. Make sure the paint is somewhat thin to ensure clean, round dots.